Best solutions to caregiver’s and great help to those in medical needs

Reviews of products that you will need as caregiver or as individual for better well-being of patients or yourself at home or in hospitals in catering different medical need

Taking care of the bedridden, immobile , elderly or when in needs of medical attention maybe difficult task to handle especially when you lack the right tool to tackle your problem. Medical need of a patient that you are taking care of or you yourself, need not to be such a daunting task. In this blog, we will be talking about all items a caregiver needs for proper home care or all tool that you may need as an individual to take good care of yourself.

Medical female urination device will help those patient on wheelchair, bedridden, immobile patient with severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury access urinals. They are ideal for use to those women who have difficulty in  getting around at night, suffer from frequent urination, bladder infection or are pregnant women and ordered bed-rest
. This devices  are designed with a foam ring around the opening of the urinal which is shaped to fit female anatomy and provide comfort. They are convenient to caregiver to use since they are portable, easy to use and eliminate unpleasant smell that may offed them when helping their patient. Are available to  to women of all ages be it girls, adults, or the elderly.
Advantage Comfort Female Urinal System: Our Best Preferred Medical Female urination devise
Our best choice for medical female urination device is The Advantage Comfort Female Urinal System is designed with plastic urinal with a drainage tube leading to a two-liter collection bag. Urine rapidly drains from the urinal, through the tube, into the collection bag, leaving the urinal empty and ready for the next use. A release valve in the urinal prevents leakage while allowing release and disposal of liquid. An anti-reflux valve in the collection bag prevents liquid from escaping the bag and re-entering the tube
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Enjoy live when you can that want may old grand-pa keep on telling me. How well can you do that? Hiking, skirting, mountain climbing, travelling, festivals and any other outdoor activities are the most awesome experiences you can ever have in this live. But to women of all age this enjoyment can be short lived specially when in dare need of answering that short call of nature. Peeing to women in outdoor activity have be nightmare for many centuries. Women have be forced to crouch or squat even to unsanitary public toilet or in the bush where there are stinging leaves or insect compared to men who have always enjoyed peeing while standing.

Outdoor female urination device 

Outdoor female urination device are special devices that will help women pee while standing, thus eliminating worries of contacting  infection such as urinary tract infections (UTIs) from unsanitary public toilet and skin irritation from leaves and insect sting. With this device, your are assured of fantastic experience while on  travelling, festivals, camping, boating, hiking, backpacking, skiing and on other outdoor activities.

The Tinkle Belle female portable urinal device : Our best preferred out female urination device 
It’s easier to use Tinkle Belle by just insert it into a fly or move clothing down in front, point the spout down, and you are good to go. Another remarkable feature of this devise is that you do not need toilet paper to wipe yourself since, it is designed with a soft wiping “squeegee” lip so that you can remove any remaining drops that is left after finishing peeing. The product is also leak proof by anatomically shaped designed to fit you while you pee thus eliminate any chances of getting wet or you messing up yourself. The product also feature a compact and fold-able long spout tip that allows you to pee further away from your body thus you are able to avoid peeing on your feet and clothes.
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Taking care of the elderly and bedridden patient needs not be such a daunting task when you do not have the right tools. In one way way or the other they will need to access wash room to answer that long call of nature. But, for the bedridden and elderly this can be a big challenges since mobility is limited to them. As the care giver, solution to this challenge and the best remedies is to employ use of bedpans.
Bedpans for bed ridden and elderly patients

Bedpans are devise that is used to assist individual with impairment mobility and cannot access rest room, answer that long call of nature with comfort, less hustles and less difficulties. Bed pan also conveniences the work of caregiver in assist patient access rest room in their bed. Bedpans are a good choice only if your relative can tell you when she needs it, and if someone is always around to help. When appropriate bedpans is used it can make your relative’s life more comfortable and your life a little easier.

YUMSUM Firm Thick Stable PP Bedpan:Our best preferred bedpan
The YUMSUM Firm Thick Stable PP Bedpan is made of polypropene that give this bed-pan durability, sturdy, strong and extra dependable structure. The contoured shape and rounded edges make it a comfortable choice for the best bedpans for bedridden patients for individuals requiring it for daily use and convenience of caregiver. Has a weigh capacity of up to 220 pounds thus it is ideal for heavier individuals. This bedpan has smooth non-stick surface which is easy to clean with standard household cleaners and can also be used as a female urinal. Has uniquely anti-spill and anti-splash character that aid in minimizing the odor when placing and removing it in position. This bed pan is reusable and is fully autoclavable thus give patient long period of service and healthy safety due to excellent sterilization. The solid plastic is thick and holds up to regular use.
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Bowel Incontinence also called fecal incontinence is the inability to control bowel movements, causing stool to leak unexpectedly from the rectum. Bowel incontinence can vary in severity from passing a small amount of feces when breaking wind to total loss of bowel control. It is not life-threatening or hazardous condition, but it can affect the person’s quality of life, emotional, mental health and self-esteem.
Bowel incontinence liners for bowel movement solution

It can be embarrassing moment dealing with bowel incontinence. But with bowel incontinence liner you are able to face that challenge with boldness and retain your dignity.

Abena Abri-San Special bowel incontinence liner : Our best preferred
Abena Abri-San Special is a bowel incontinence liners specifically designed to handle fecal and urine incontinence. The pad has effective leakage barriers with ‘built in’ pockets that keep the bowel contents inside even when released under pressure. This product is designed to allow easy and frequent pad changes. This product features a complete range of anatomically shaped incontinence liner which is designed for all degrees of incontinence ranging all the way from light to very heavy. This product provides optimum comfort to the use and discretion convenience of the care-giver. It made up cotton feel which is fully breathable textile back-sheet foil. The product also features an efficient barriers with built in pockets and odor system that minimizing any unpleasant smell. It is dermatological tested to prove that it will care your skin and latex-free to prevent any skin irritation.
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Our loved one or our patient are sometime left helpless and bedridden only at messes of caregivers.  Bedridden patient need to be turned and re-position every 2 hour in-order to avoid bedsores and keep them comfortable.  As a caregiver, taking care of them requires a lot of passion especially when it come to a point of turning, re-positioning or transferring them from one place to the other. Patient turning device is a gadget that can help you do this with a lot of easy and more convenience.

Patient Turning Device

Solutions for manual turning and positioning of immobile and bedridden patient, must incorporate use of patient turning devices. Patient turning devices system is the next step forward in aiding caregiver and give patient comfort they need when positioning and turning is required. The ability to make faster, easier patient turns while preventing caregiver injuries is a must in today’s healthcare landscape in provision of best health care need by immobile patient.

U-Turner Patient Turning device : Our best preferred
U-Turner patient turning device is used as a positioning aid which may reduce risk factors of patient fall. It is ideal for turning a patient in bed and provide safety and comfort needed by patient. It can also be used as as an aid of reduce risk factors of bedsores. This is durable easy to use and 100% washable by machine. The product also feature fast drying after washing thus is reusable. Another great feature,is it can facilitate both pediatric patient with size under 120lbs and Bariatric patient with size over 300lbs.
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Body temperature is one of the most crucial thing that should be monitored especially when one is filling unwell or is sick. Deviation of body temperature may result to significant medical crises either when it is low or high. Monitoring temperature is therefore important and even more crucial to babies and young children. Temperature monitoring and observing require special tool called thermometer. In the market there are several variety of thermometers ,but the big question is which is the best thermometer that can suit you and to those you are taking care of

The Best Thermometer for Fever  

A good thermometer is a must-have in any parent’s  and the caregivers arsenal. We have reviewed 10 best baby and adult thermometer for you to choose since not all thermometers are made equal and not all thermometers can be used for babies or adults. However, even the slightest sign of fevers can be a symptom of a serious infection in babies and to those you are raking care of. Therefore you need to make sure that thermometer in your arsenal at home is appropriate and suitable to monitor temperature .

Dr. Madre Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer: Our best preferred thermometer.
Getting your child’s temperature reading can be a struggle sometimes. But with Dr. Madre Non-Contact Infrared thermometer is much easier taking the body temperature of your baby. Dr. Madre gives you an accurate reading without the hustles and need to beg your child to stay came or even disrupt his or her sleep at night. This thermometer is perfect for every single member of your family since it’s designed to provide you results in just 1 second. This device can stores the 12 past readings so you can easily track your baby’s progress.
Dr. Madre digital thermometer is one of the best thermometer for fever because it delivers quick results in two ways. You can opt to read the digital display on the LCD screen or have it read to you via the talking function. The talking function mostly assist individual with who have problems with their eyesight or at night when light are off. As an added bonus, the storage case even has slots for keeping your extra batteries in.
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As modern woman the doubts of whether you are pregnant or not should not be a bothering thing to you, especially, when we have the latest modern medical technology of testing pregnancy. As a caregiver, the task of caring patient incorporate consideration of testing and monitoring those you are looking after. We have reviewed 10 best pregnancy test kit with high accuracy of up 6 days before you miss period. Eliminate your doubt by caring home pregnancy test at comfort of your home with best early pregnancy test kit before miss period.

Best Early Pregnancy Test Kit Before Miss Period

First, it’s helpful to determine which qualities in a pregnancy test are important. Once you identify the test qualities that matter most to you, it will be easier to determine which test is the best fit. The big question remains how you make the right decision in choosing the best kit. As a medical laboratory technologist team we have review some of this kit for you so that it’s easier for you to choose the best that suit you.

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test : Our best preferred pregnancy test kit
Most reviewers say that this brand is the gold standard of pregnancy tests. First Response early result pregnancy test kit is a manual tests device. It has a sensitivity to a concentration of hCG up to 6.3miU/ml. Due to the lower miU to hCG, this test is one of the best early pregnancy test before missed period test kit. The device can accurately predict pregnancy up to 6 days before a woman’s misses period. Data shows that this kit are highly precise to the test. This is because it can
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As caregiver monitoring patient health incorporate monitoring various body system. One of the system of interest is urinary tract system. Monitoring urinary tract system not only is beneficial for patient, but , it is important for all gender and all ages. Screening urinary tract system helps to detect any urinary tract infection along side any abnormalities in this system. Screening Urinary tract system require special tool called urinalysis test kit. Urinalysis test kit help you monitor help you screening yourself at comfort of your home.

Best Urinalysis Test Kit for Urinary Tract System Screening

Finding a suitable urinalysis test strips that will suit you it’s not easy tusk. It usually require you to consider a large variety of this products from the market. As a Medical Laboratory technologist team, we have review 10 best urinalysis test kit which include detailed information on how to use the kit and read the result efficiently with a lot of ease. Find for yourself the best kit which will meet your need.

Comprehensive 14 parameter urinalysis test strips kit
This is a super product to carry out urinalysis test at home. Though this product may cost a bit more than the other competitor, the product is worth it because of its advance 14 parameters indicators which are easy to read and interpret the result. In fact, this product has been praised by package designers for educational purposes as well as helping those with urinalysis problems.This product is an advanced one since it has 14 parameters that analyzes your urine for the most common urinalysis indicator which are Leukocytes, Nitrite, Urobilinogen, Protein, pH, Blood, Specific Gravity, Ketone, Bilirubin, Glucose, Ascorbate, Micro-albumin, Creatinine and Calcium.
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Bad cholesterol is one of the major leading causes of obesity. Although obesity is considered as a life style disease,  we can prevent it by eating balanced diet, regular exercise and regular check ups. Regular check ups consist testing blood to determine good and bad cholesterol. We have reviewed 10 best Cholesterol test kit that you can use to determine your cholesterol level or that of your patient if your are a caregiver.  

Beat Cholesterol Test kit Review

Statistics show that, the number of people suffering from high cholesterol or cholesterol-related diseases has been on the rise. This rise is as a result of change in lifestyles mostly by consuming unhealthy, fatty or sugary foods that lead to accumulation of cholesterol in the body. Regulation of the intake of cholesterol is therefore most importance element of your health. You therefor need at all time to keep in touch and check your cholesterol level. This checkup requires you to visit a doctor or medical practitioner .However, you can do this check up by yourself. This is as a result of invention of cholesterol test kits which can be used to monitor your cholesterol level at the comfort of your home

Cholestrak Total Cholesterol Home Testing Kit: Our best preferred cholesterol test kit
Total Cholesterol is a self-administered, non-instrumented, quantitative test. This is a golden standard home testing kit in monitoring and evaluating your cholesterol level. This product’s offers three stepwise instructions which are easy to follow and perform the test.Independent studies have shown CholesTrak Total Cholesterol to be 97% accurate therefore CholesTrak gives you the accuracy of a medical laboratory result at comfort of your home within a short time.
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