Signs and symptoms of UTI that you should not overlook

Signs and symptoms of UTI that You May Be Overlooking

UTI is one of the commonest disease that affect Urinary tract system that can occur anywhere in the urinary tract. If this infection is left untreated it cause urethral or bladder infection condition called urethritis and cystitis respectively. The worse condition is when this infection spread to the kidney and cause pyelonephritis that can lead to kidney failure. If you’ve ever had a UTI, you know just how uncomfortable and even painful the infection can be especially if you are a woman. It’s therefore important to be aware of all signs and symptom of UTI so that you can keep watch of your body from this infection. Below are 5 sign and symptoms  you can use to rule out weather you have UTI or not.

Burning feeling when you urinating

This uncomfortable feeling is one of the more common signs of a UTI which comes as a result of inflammation in the lining of your bladder after colonization by bacteria such as with E.coli, It’s essential to be able to recognize this sign where by, you can schedule a visit to a medical professional or take a urinalysis test at comfort of your home by using urinalysis kit available from your online store or from your local pharmacy.

Intense urge to pee

Frequent and intense urge to pee with burning sensation is another sign and symptoms of UTI infection. Mostly you would expect to have frequent urination when you take plenty of water when your body is functioning normally. With UTI infection or diabetes you would find that you have frequent urination. You can rule out this abnormalities by doing a simple urinalysis test whereby if detect any problem you can consult your doctor.

Back pain

Pelvic or lower back pain should be noted as a sign and symptoms that something is not working properly in your body. This pelvic and back pain might indicate an infection especially in urinary tract system. If you’re feeling discomfort in your back, lower abdomen or pelvis, this is a good sign to take a urinalysis test to rule out UTIs infection.

 Urine that smells strange

The strange scent out from your urine can tell you a lot about your physical health. This strange scent is as a result of colonization of bacteria in the urinary tract. The bacteria usually utilizes nutrient in the urine causing decomposition that lead to foul smell of your urine. Strange-smell is the fore a sign and symptoms of UTI infection.

Urine that looks strange

Just like its smell, the appearance of your urine can give you a strong indication of your urinary tract’s health. While different factors might influence the color of your urine, healthy pee should range from a pale yellow to a deep amber. If your urine has taken on a cloudy, dark brown appearance, it might be due to blood from the infection. Strange-looking urine is a strong indication that something’s awry.

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