About Labbotech


Your health is your life and your life depends on your health. We are living in a modern global village called the world with the most advanced knowledge in science and technology. Health is the key pillar of all humanity in the world and therefore technology in the field of health is a note left behind. Long is the day’s ignorance about our health creep in us. Everyone is advanced and acquitted with a bit of health knowledge.

Long are the days we used to make long ques at the doctor’s office or wait with a lot of suspense in us about what we may be suffering from. Labbotech project is meant to empower every person who needs to make the diagnosis at the comfort of his or her home and later seek a doctor’s consultation for clarity, treatment or support. It’s also meant to help you access any medical assistance tool that you may require.

“Hello, my name is Dr. David Nyoro, a board-certified Biomedical Laboratory Technologist. I am specialized and an expert in production and analysis of modern medical laboratory diagnostic tools and patient assistive devices ”

Labbotech will help you access the best medical assistive tool and such as:

  1. Female urination device.
  2. Diabetic ulcer boot
  3. Patient turning devices
  4. Pressure sore cushions
  5. Toileting commode
  6. Toileting bedpan

Labbotech has done extensive research on the best diagnostic tool that can help make your diagnosis at the comfort of your home. This may include

  1. Urinalysis test
  2. Temperature test
  3. Cholesterol test
  4. Pregnancy test