Advantages of using patient turning devices

Advantages of using patient turning device

Solutions for manual turning and positioning of immobile and bedridden patient, must incorporate use of patient turning devices. Patient turning devices system is the next step forward in aiding caregiver and give patient comfort they need when positioning and turning is required. The ability to make faster, easier patient turns while preventing caregiver injuries is a must in today’s healthcare landscape in provision of best health care need by immobile patient. In this article we are going to look at the advantages of using patient turning device as one of best medical devices in helping bedridden and immobile patients.

  1. Allows a single caregiver to easily maneuver immobile patients in bed.

Patient turning device provide caregiver with the conveniences they need to maneuver patient when cleaning, changing, feeding and when positioning toileting devices. This ensure that the patient is comfortable and well looked after without much difficulties. It helps to eliminate that excessive hustles especially when handling issues of incontinence episode or for pressure relief to prevent skin ulcers.

  1. Is easy to use for elderly spouses at home with minimal training.

This device is easy to use by caregiver and elderly spouses at home. It does not require any training for one to operate it since the use only requires to use an operation manual that comes with the device.

  1. Is portable, space friendly, and easy to setup.

Patient turning device is portable to any place of interest to be use by patient at any given time. It does not occupy any significant space to cause any worry. It is easy to setup and use by any individual interested in it. It is user friendly since it helps in reducing risk of stress to the care giver.

  1. Reduces risk of stress or strain injury to caretaker from patient turning.

For the caregivers patient turning device is an assistive devices which make work easier, eliminate unnecessary lifting, and prevent load injuries as well as pressure relief to prevent skin ulcers. It’s extremely important for caregiver to use this device since it allows a single caretaker to easily turn and reposition the patient, which has been shown to reduce the incidence of labor.

  1. Remains affordable for the individual homes and hospital

Being a useful device to turn immobile patient in bed, not only does it increases the comfort and prevents pressure sores. It also promotes independence and actually improves the quality of life due to its affordability. Anyone can access it since it readily available in most of online stores such as Amazon

  1. Good device to use along other devices

To create optimal solutions for users with different needs, most of patient turning device can be used along with other assistive devices. They can be used in combination with one or several other manual transfer aids, bedpans, urination device, bowel incontinence liner etc. This combination of use give patient all comfort they deserve and best conveniences the caregiver requires.


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