Baby fever

Best tips on how to overcoming baby high fever

Guideline on management of baby high ever

Given that newborns do not come with instruction manuals to trouble-shoot when you notice some changes from normal.  When little baby are unwell, you will need a special care especially when baby is experiencing high fever. Baby high fever can be a sign that there is deviation from normal function of baby body. Baby high fever is  among the most frightening and scaring scenarios for parents. In this article, you will learn what cause high fever in infants as well as what needs to be done when your baby has a fever.

What does fever in babies indicate?

Fever in babies is a signal that the infant has a certain diseases. This could be infection such as bacterial infection, protozoan infection or more serious infections such as virus infection. Other triggers of high fever baby in babies includes :

  •  High fever due to wearing of very warm clothing that is too tight
  • The baby’s reaction to the vaccination
  • Spending long duration outdoors when the temperature is too hot

Common signs and symptoms of high fever in babies

  1. Babies do not sleep soundly
  2. Decreased appetite
  3. Lack of interest in play
  4. Baby is very lethargic
  5. Convulsive seizures baby

How to check baby’s body temperature?

For you to check your baby body temperature you need the best thermometer for fevers . This thermometer are digital ones and are not mercuric designs since mercury thermometers has a potential risk of to mercury and lead poisoning. You can take your baby’s temperature in many ways such as through the rectum (anus), mouth, ears, under the arms, armpits or forehead. Rectal thermometer is the golden tool for taking baby body  temperature since it  gives the most accurate temperature readings. On the other hand it is easier  to take the temperature when using rectal the baby’s mouth fever.

What care should you take when using this digital thermometers

In-order to take care of your baby and the thermometer and to have the most accurate temperate reading while using rectal thermometers you should follow the following guidelines:

  1. Clean thermometer probe(temperature Sensor area) with alcohol swabs..
  2. Lay your baby on your stomach with your legs slightly bent.
  3. Give a little petroleum jelly around the thermometer probe .
  4. Gently insert the thermometer one inch into your baby’s anus.
  5. Hold the digital rectal thermometer approximately less than two minutes until you hear the “beep. ” sound.
  6. Then gently and carefully take the thermometer reading.
  7. After reading remove thermometer from baby’s anus and clean it with alcohol swab.
  8. Repack it in caring bag for safety

NOTE:  When you take your baby temperature and the reading is high than normal and you are unable to solve in  bringing  the fever down to normal you should immediately contact your doctor to get help faster before high fever get worse.

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