A bowel incontinence leakages

Best ways to prevent accidental bowel incontinence leakages

Best ways to prevent accidental bowel incontinence leakages

Bowel incontinence is the inability to control and retain fecal output to the time that you are will to visit rest and washroom. This occurrences maybe referred to us as accidental bowel incontinence. Bedridden, individual on wheelchair, spinal injuries, birth complication, traumatic accident, diarrhea, Shegella and Amoebic dysentery are among the leading causes of accidental bowel incontinence leakages. Individual suffering from accidental bowel incontinence leakages usually undergoes embarrassment and sometimes they feel to have lost their dignity. In this article we are going to look at some measures that you can take to control accidental bowel incontinence leakages.

Fiber supplements

Those individual experiencing loose stool and sometimes diarrhea, fiber supplements may be a good option .Fiber supplements help in bulking up the consistency of your stool and make it less liquid and more compact. Split peas, many types of beans, and berries are some of good sources of fiber. Psyllium or methyl-cellulose are fiber supplements that are found in many health food stores that can also help in controlling loose stool.

Anti-diarrhea medication.

Anti-diarrhea medication are to be used especially to individual who usually experiences loose stool most of times. Individual with weak rectum sphincter muscles control find anti diarrhea medication useful in aiding them control passing loose stool.Products like Immodium or Pepto-Bismol can really help people who deal with the occasional loose stools.  However, it’s important to not use products like these for more than a couple of days.

Anti-constipation medication.

Constipation is inability to pass stool normally due to weakening of anus and intestines sphincter muscles. When it occurs, most individual end up experiencing stomach discomfort and sometimes bowel incontinence. Most cases of constipation can be fixed by incorporating a healthier diet and maintaining proper fluid intake such as 8 cups of water in a day.  Sometimes you may need a little help to get things moving by taking medications such as Amitiza and Miralax that work by drawing extra water to the stool to make it softer and easier to pass. As with anti-diarrhea medication, these products usually should not be used for extended periods of time.

Accidental bowel incontinence leakages absorbent products.

Those individual who have fully lost bowel incontinence control, requires specific attention to help them cope with this condition. Absorbents products such as bowel incontinence liners plays an important role in helping them have dignity and eliminate embarrassment. This product helps them stay dry without any odor smell or any skin irritation. This body bowel incontinence liners are designed to cater for both light and heavy bowel leakages. They are unique in that they fit discreetly in between the buttocks giving user the comfort they need.


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