Guide to pregnancy testing

Efficient ways in performing pregnancy test

How do you do home pregnancy test accurately and efficiently?

There are many different types of home pregnancy tests kits.Most popular HPTs work in a similar way. The majority brands tell the user to hold a stick in the urine stream. Others involve collecting urine in a cup and then dipping the stick into it. At least one brand tells the woman to collect urine in a cup and then put a few drops into a special container with a dropper.  Below are step that can help you do the test efficiently .

When to collect urine sample for pregnancy test

Testing the urine first thing in the morning may help boost accuracy. When the test sample to be used is urine, mid-stream, first morning urine is the best. First morning urine is best used because it contains the highest concentration of hCG. However, in instances where this proves impractical, urine collected at any time of day will serve the same purpose as well.

How to Performing the pregnancy test at home

  • Check the expiry date of the test kit before using it and if it’s expired it’s not recommend for use.
  • Remove the kit from its packaging and place it on a level surface.
  • Apply urine to the reactive strip on the test kit according to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidance.
  • Use a timer to time you test so that you can read the result within the time frame of the manufacturer
  • Read and record the test result after the length of time recommended by the manufacturer.
  • If the result is negative but pregnancy is still suspected, a repeat test should be performed using early morning urine.
  • If the result of the test is positive it’s advisable to consult you gynecologist for further assessment of your pregnancy for the purposes of your health and the expectant child during the gestation period.

How to read and interpret result of Pregnancy Test

Midstream and test strips home pregnancy test kit versions, detect hCG hormone in urine by using lines to indicate whether test is negative or positive. There are two lines i.e. control line and test line on the test device to show the result. The control line mostly is denoted by letter (C).Its purpose is to indicate the proper working of the test device and assures you that you have carried the right procedure of the test. The test line is denoted by letter (T).Its purpose is to approve that the test is positive i.e. pregnancy is detected. Even a faint appearance of a line in the test (T) area is a sign of positive result. To detect pregnancy at home, midstream test is efficient, but it is advisable that a positive pregnancy result be confirmed by a gynecologist.  When the pregnancy test is negative, no line appears in the test area.

Digital home pregnancy test kit versions uses rapid assay delivery method to detect hCG which mostly give results within 3 minutes time frame. The test device is much advanced, since it can even tell you if the test was not done properly. Digital home pregnancy tests show the results with a clear “NO “or “YES” display on the screen. NO means hCG not detected thus Negative test for pregnancy and YES means hCG detected thus positive test for pregnancy pregnancy

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