Female urinal devices for women with disability

Female urinal devices for women with disability

Female urinals for women with impaired mobility FAQs

Immobility is widely accepted as a key factor associated with urinary incontinence. Any problem coexisting with immobility such as  bedridden or wheel-chaired , lead to impossibility of maintenance of continence. Urinary incontinence is a common symptom among women that has wide-ranging and often complex .Healthcare professionals caring for incontinent people often look for alternative means if reaching the toilet is the primary problem. Finding an alternative method of toileting lead to invention of urinals. Urinals are designed specifically for women to cater for incontinence occurrences and provide a dignified and cost-effective way for people with impaired mobility.

What is a female urinal?

Female urinals are generally small, lightweight and made from molded plastic. They can be calibrated or not or which ever the case. The have comfort fit female model with unique padded ring which creates a better seal and increased comfort . Once urine has been passed into the urinal it is securely contained away from the body until a convenient time for disposal.Female urinals are designed for use in a range of positions depending with the disability of the diseased. For example, it can be in a fixed position in a bed , chair, wheelchair or  perching on the edge of a chair, bed, or standing. Several products have handles that can assist positioning. This is important as many people with mobility problems also have impaired manual dexterity. Some urinals are designed specifically for use outside the home and are portable and discreet while others can be connected to a large-volume urine drainage bag secured on a stand.


How do you Position the urinal device

The position in which the urinal is to be used should be considered, for example whether the patient will be:

  • Flat in bed;
  • On her side;
  • In a wheelchair;
  • Standing.

It is important to consider the above factors so as to have excellent  outcome while using female urinal devices.  In practice, people often adopt a range of different positions to a suitable urinal that suit the user. The body of the urinal must be lower than the urine entry point as urine flows downwards with gravity. Insertion of the urinal from the rear may provide a solution, particularly for patients lying on their side or back.

What is the benefit of using Female urination device

Female urinals provide a very acceptable, safe, healthy and economic alternative in providing means through which people with impaired disability can easily answer the call of nature with less difficulties. Its economical on carer part in helping the deceased in the journeys to  the toileting. .

Where is the urinal to be used?

This urinal can be used i devised scenarios such as when hiking, mountain climbing, skirting or travelling. Different types of urinal may be required for different circumstances and need. A hand-held urinal may be all some women require to become completely independent for their toileting needs. For others, however, a urinal may form part of a range of methods proving particularly useful in certain circumstances, for example in bed or away from home, at work or on holiday.



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