Guide to Female Urination Devices

The Complete Guide to Female Urination Devices

Female urination devices (FUDs)  are gadget that assist women on peeing. This devices are mainly designed for use by women with mobility problems and are on wheelchair,  severe physical disabilities, physically challenged, spinal cord injury, elderly, or incontinent individuals. Female urinals devices are also useful for women who are often on outdoors hiking, camping, boating, skiing, or doing other physical activity where you will not have easy access to a bathroom.This devices therefor assure you that, answering that call of nature does not require you to sacrifice your dignity.

For “Jessica” who like outdoor activities such as hiking and backpacking ,skirting and mountain climbing reported that  as she adjusted to a new stand-while-you-pee lifestyle, she found herself grabbing different models for different activities. While climbing, it was important to fit the FUD around a restrictive harness and to have a sure seal regardless of shifting angles. For hiking and backpacking, she wanted the smallest, lightest, most discrete option. And for the dreaded public porta-potty, she chose to use a gigantic FUD that gave her confidence in the face of an empty hand-sanitizer dispenser.

Types of female urination devices

The nature of the FUDs makes them very personal, which means that what is most comfortable for her might not be comfortable for you. They also differ from one brand to the other

Disposable FUDs

These are usually a durable paper intended for temporary use. They are more convenient to carry around in your car or purse, and, like the ubiquitous to-go coffee cup. They are easy to use and can be recycled. If you’re on the fence about getting your first FUD, you might want to try a disposable one first.

Non-Disposable FUDs

These ones last for longer. They are usually made of plastic or latex. They are durable funnels that you can use and re-use by cleaning with soap and water after use. They can be sanitary wipes, or even by running them through a dishwasher to clean them.

What to con-cinder when choosing FUD 

FUDs come in a range of shapes, brand, user, and sizes, therefore, is up to you to recruited a fearless try on all of them to find out which is the best that suit you. In this guide its important you look out for ones which is :

  1. Convenient
  2. Size and weigh
  3. Durability and Re-usability
  4. Portable, and
  5. Spill-proof

Durability Re-usability – How likely will  FUD take before cracking or tearing.
Size and weight – How lightweight and packable the FUD is.
Convenience/comfort – How easy the FUD is to use and how compatible it is with outdoor clothing and gear.
Spill-proof – How well the FUD performs. Is there leaking or splash back?

Portability – Can you be able to carry it wherever you what to go .


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