Home Remedies for Pressure Sores

When in need to care for your pressures sore you can choose to use organic remedies. Please note pressure sores can be dangerous if not treated in a timely manner and effectively. While below remedies have been tested by some patients in a wheelchair, we highly recommend that you take precautions and consult your doctor for proper medication such as antibiotics. In this article, we are going to look at what we can use at home as remedies to the pressure sore


Honey has natural antiseptic properties and can also soothe the skin where there are mild bed sores. It can provide relief from pain, reduce itching and promote healing. Honey can also reduce the risk of infection


Turmeric accelerates the healing process of bedsores. It also has anti-inflammatory, properties that help your body deal with the symptoms and fight infection


Due to its healing and soothing properties, Aloe Vera can be used to control infection in bedsores and can also promote healing. Plus, it keeps the affected skin moisturized, which ensures quick recovery.

4- Saline Water


To help bedsores heal faster, clean it with saline water. Bedsores that are not cleaned properly are more prone to infection and inflammation. Saline water will reduce excess fluid and also get rid of loose dead skin.

 5– Coconut Oil

Being rich in medium-chain fatty acids, coconut oil can keep your skin healthy and protect it from damage caused by pressure sores. Plus, massaging it onto your body will improve blood circulation

6- Comfrey Leafs

Another herbal treatment for bed sores popular in alternative medicine is comfrey. Both the root and leaves of comfrey are rich in medicinal properties that can help in the regeneration of the tissues. It can also reduce pain and inflammation.


Cushion help in reducing the pressure that leads to the development of pressure sore. Without a cushion, it’s hard for sore to heal since pressure exerted on sore will continue making this sore larger other than healing. Cushion for pressure sore on buttock will be a key element for healing sore on buttock among other body sore.


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