Wheelchair commode

How to properly use a commode

A bedside commode is a device that helps any person with mobility problems access toilets or bathrooms within the bedside room. Individuals using commode or caregiver, there are certain things one should learn and remember when helping someone use their bedside commode or when one is using this commode on their own. Here is a helpful list of key tips to guide you on how to properly use bedside commode.

Make sure to lock the wheels of the commode before using it if present

If the choice of commode that you wish to use is fitted with a wheel it advisable you that you choose one that has wheel lock. Ensure you look them before sitting on it and as a caregiver ensure the wheel looks before helping your patient sit on the commode. Wheel locking is very important in avoiding any incident of motion accidents that may be caused by the commode wheel.

Ensure the container is in place under the seat

As a caregiver or if you are the user of the commode ensure bucket container is always fitted in place under the seat before the user sits on it to use it. This will ensure you eliminate any chances of mess and embarrassment that may occur.

Add a small amount of water to the container before use to make cleaning easier

The waste deposited in the becket may sometime stick on the wall of the collecting container and may make cleaning to be difficult and hard. It is therefore advisable to add a small amount of water to the collecting container to soften the waste and make cleaning easier.

Always lend a helping hand to the patient as they get out of bed

As the caregiver always lend a helping hand to your patient as they get out of the bed and help them also take proper sitting position on the commode.

Stay with the individual for safety purposes, or give them a bell to ring

If possible and from the patient consent as a caregiver stay with the individual patient for safety purposes or have a bell installed where the patient can raise alarm in cases where an emergency is needed.


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