Sock Aids device

Sock Aids device for People with chronic conditions

For people with chronic conditions like arthritis, osteomyelitis, and hip joint replacement face a lot of challenges and difficulties even to the simplest daily living activities. For instance, simple and normal routine procedures like wearing socks can be a nightmare for them.

In this article, we are going to look at scope and scenarios where sock aid devices are commonly used to help victims who cannot even achieve wearing socks. This is mainly from joint pain and limited range of motion which can make it very difficult if not impossible to put socks on. But there are assistive devices, like a sock aid, that can help.

Sock aid device as a solution to limited range of motion

A sock aid device is a piece of medical assistive technology that allows people to put on their socks easily despite the pain and physical limitations. It is an important tool that help patients who have difficulty bending and reaching their feet, a sock aid can allow them to independently put on their socks.

Basically, a sock aid device is a flexible or semi-flexible material that is attached to two long handles. Your sock slips over the flexible part of the sock aid to the top of the stock is held open. Once the sock is slipped onto the flexible part, you drop it to the floor while you hold onto the handles. Your foot is then slipped into the sock opening. With the two handles, you pull back and upward so your foot slips into the sock and out of the sock aid.

A sock aid device is designed to accommodate feet of all sizes and work well with most socks and stockings. Some actually are designed to help with compression stockings as well.

Sock Aid device for home and travel

Sock aid device is a portable gadget that you can use at home or when traveling. You can imagine how embarrassing it can be for you to fail to put on your sock simply because you left behind your sock aid device at home. Remember to take it with you when you know you will have an occasion to use it, especially when you are traveling.

Sock aid device is a great help to those with hip replacement since it aids a lot in restricting a lot of movement especially bending when wearing socks. Thus it gives adequate time for the hip replacement to heal.

Where to Get a Sock Aid device

Now that you know quite a number of sock aid device advantages, the big question remains where you can get one. You can purchase one of the sock aid devices at your local medical supply store or online such as Amazon or from companies that offer durable medical goods and assistive devices. Grab one today and eliminate that challenge and difficulties you have when wearing your shoes.