Wiping remedy after hip replacement

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and traumatic accident affecting the hip are some of the factors that may lead to surgery of the hip. After undergoing hip replacement patients are usually advice to restrict movement that may affect the hip healing process. You would imagine the crises and challenges faced by individuals who have undergone hip replacement. It is always a nightmare to them even to simple routine tasks such as hygiene wiping after visiting the washroom or toilet. Necessity is the mother of invention. Just like how it is possible to wear sock with sock aid after hip replacement, technology has proven itself In providing remedy to individuals facing challenges of wiping themselves after visiting the toilet by proving toileting wiping aid.

Toilet wiping aid is able to assist an individual who is physically handicapped, attain normal wiping hygiene after visiting washroom and toilet. Despite the medical challenge of hip replacement, with the toilet wiping aid, they are able to wipe themselves with less hustle while on the other eliminate any chance of dislocating their hip. These devices allow ample time for the great recovery of the hip and other illnesses that restrict movement.

Toilet wiping aid such as bottom buddy is very important for those patients who are willing to recover faster after hip replacement and resume back to their normal routine jobs. Toil wiping aid is convenient to be used by any individual with disabilities and mobility issues. They are a great deal to those recovering after hip replacement since they help them regain their dignity and eliminate the incidence of embarrassment.

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